Phase 1 of North Manama Causeway inaugurated


Phase 1 of North Manama Causeway inaugurated

HE the Minister of Works Essam bin Abdulla Khalaf inaugurated phase 1 of North Manama Causeway Project in December, 23, 2012, in addition to the roads constructed as part of the Bahrain Financial Harbour Project.

The Minister explained that the North Manama Causeway Project is considered to be one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the Kingdom, and a vital part of the Ministry’s Strategic Roads Development Plan. The causeway is 1.42km long, which makes it the longest local causeway in Bahrain. The BD98 million project is expected to accommodate around 120,000 vehicles in normal times and around 50,000 during peak hours.

Phase 1 of the project comprises the 51.5m long marine bridge, in addition to the road works extending from Bahrain Financial Harbour to the one-way causeway leading to Bahrain Bay. Works also include the 237m long one-way causeway and the part located north of King Faisal Highway from North Manama Causeway, besides the road works extending from the one-way causeway to King Faisal Highway. North Manama Causeway has been linked to the roads inside the Financial Harbour in order for citizens and residents to be able to reach BFH via King Faisal Highway or through North Manama Causeway.

The project also aims to alleviate traffic congestion on Al Fateh Highway; at the points where the highway intersects with King Faisal Highway and also with Sh. Hamad Causeway. It also aims to provide a direct entrance to Bahrain Bay and the Financial Harbour. The new causeway and the roads constructed as part of the project are seen as vital parts of the project that will link Al Fateh Highway and Busaiteen area, and also an extension to the Bahrain Airport Highway; via the fourth marine bridge that is planned for construction in the near future between Bahrain Bay and Al Busaiteen from the east, and Bahrain Bay and the Northern Town from the west.

The project will provide access to the Financial Harbour for traffic coming from Muharraq or Al Fateh Highway; without the need to go through King Faisal Highway, therefore decreasing the number of vehicles using this highway. The high quality and safety standards adopted in the project will help road users reach Bahrain Bay, the Financial Harbour and head west towards Sh. Khalifa bin Salman Highway much more easily.

The remaining works of North Manama Causeway Project include the remaining part of the causeway located south of King Faisal Highway and the road works along Al Fateh Highway, which are expected to complete by the end of April 2013.