Manama City


Almost everywhere in Bahrain is by the sea or very close to it and that includes its Capital city Manama. In fact, because of the Island’s shape, some two thirds of Manama can be described as having a sea view and that certainly includes the Bahrain Bay development in its entirety, which is a peninsula having its very own perfect sandy beaches. The population of approximately 1.5 million includes citizens as well as resident expatriate community making the city appear tremendously cosmopolitan.

Manama is situated on the largest island of the many which make up Bahrain as a country. An ever expanding modern road network deceives this notion however as one drives around seamlessly, with almost every island linked. Manama is historically the business centre of Bahrain too. The Arab League designated Manama as the Capital of Arab Culture.

There are other large towns to the North, South, East and West of Manama, but they are mainly residential. Several expansive industrial areas are evident at various locations throughout the Island, many housing complex manufacturing plants.