CEO’s Message


Strides of Success…

Several seasons have passed since our last update and not without good reason.  The past year has been one of steady progress and significance, creating yet another milestone for Bahrain Bay along its chartered path.

Described as a ‘stellar oasis of luxury living’, remarkable changes can clearly be seen at Waterbay, the iconic triple 10-storey residential towers.  As this Bin Faqih project draws ever closer to completion with its interiors designed by Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli, Bahrain Bay’s silhouette certainly casts a shadow of desire.

During 2018, two new projects were added to Bahrain Bay’s portfolio. Golden Gate held a public launch in November, as did NAMA international Real Estate.  With construction having commenced, expedited activity around the sites creates ever more interest in Bahrain Bay and its ever-developing skyline.

Bahrain Bay Development has relocated its offices to new premises constructed on the North Wharf.  This prestigious setting overlooks the blue waters of the canal which runs adjacent to the Four Seasons Hotel.  Modeled after a utilitarian concept, the interiors sport several unique features which boast a simple yet modern look. This includes a blend of industrial ceilings, natural plastered walls and cement floors.

Bahrain Bay’s public realm has witnessed significant popularity attracting visitors in large numbers, not only as the venue for cultural festivals and magnificent shows, but for the facilities Bahrain Bay strive to offer, bringing it to its third tenet, that being the ‘community’. This vision is to create a vibrant and distinctive neighborhood with opportunity to develop a rich artistic and cultural scene. ‘The Wharf’ and ‘The Park’ will soon be unveiled and it consists of retail outlets, office space waterfront dining, leisure facilities, illuminated walkways, flowering landscapes, art displays and a play area along with many other amenities designed to enthrall visitors with its lively ambiance. At the outset, initial response to this vision has been encouraging and anticipation is rising as glimpses of what is to soon come permeates public interest. With established brands among those taking up residence, tenancy levels reflect a very healthy trend. 2019 should see immense progress in this area as launch beckons well within the completion dates of Bahrain Bay’s ongoing projects.

We endeavor to bring you more updates in the near future.

Gagan Suri