CEO's Message

Welcome to Bahrain Bay!

Throughout 2017 and beyond, Bahrain Bay’s vision for development continues and Bahrain Bay remains at the forefront of this endeavour. A vibrant mixed used development and benchmark social environment is what Bahrain Bay strives for. Needless to say that this vision is fast becoming a reality as progress marches on and being part of it is so rewarding. The little tingles we feel as supported events prove that progress is positively being made, gives even more encouragement driving the team towards the envisaged criterion.

2016 was not a particularly good year globally, but it did reveal or indeed present future challenges and Bahrain Bay is well prepared to engage those issues during 2017, with a strong will to overcome.

As the last year closed, National Day commemorations were evident across the Island and Bahrain Bay was no exception. Supported by the Capital Governorate whose commitment and initiative cannot go unnoticed, Manama lit up in all its glory, drawing mass crowds to the centre in celebration. The ever important statistic of footfall saw encouraging figures to Bahrain Bay as crowds thronged to enjoy the various activities. One of the more noticeable events was the large fete which concluded in a spectacular firework display that Bahrain Bay was proud to host.

Very little stood still and from one event to the next, Bahrain Bay geared up. The first of its kind, the ‘Bahrain Sea Festival’ took place in the bay enjoying immense public response. Like its name suggests, the Bahrain Sea Festival celebrated the island’s historical relationship with the sea. Being an island that heritage of course runs deep in the veins of the citizens, therefore any reference to such activities needs to accurately reflect that. Visitors were entertained, enthralled and enlightened with several related traditions and activities including a flotilla of LED lit dhows decorating the waterfront. Several utility buildings on-site were transformed into creations of public art by the renowned international artist El-Seed. Calligraphy in itself is a fine art and fans thronged to watch him create magic as he indulged in his unique method of drawing strokes with a spray can.

As a public venue, Bahrain Bay is the perfect location. Already, the annual ‘Shop Bahrain’ festival has proved very popular with the public offering attractions especially for children. Highway access, superb infrastructure and wide open spaces to set the scene, what is there not to like about Bahrain Bay as your preferred venue. With that in mind, Bahrain Bay is so proud to be organiser’s first consideration. The pipeline is full with several events on the horizon and Bahrain Bay will cement its standing within the Bahrain community.

2017 will also be the focus of the ‘Promenade’ opening, a waterfront public walkway, which is surrounded by the iconic Four Seasons Hotel. In the true sense of the facility, this amenity is really the first of its kind in Bahrain. With kiosks hosting brands such as at the “ Wafflemeister “ and other soon-to-be facilities sprouting up, the Promenade will eventually make its mark internationally, joining such landmarks as ‘The Waterfront in Cape Town or harbour dining in Sydney. Well, this is the vision and to date, there is nothing to stop it.

Bahrain skyline has changed dramatically and Bahrain Bay proudly sits in the centre of this progress.

Gagan Suri

The Vision

From its outset, Bahrain Bay’s vision has been to create a unique 21st century ultra-modern, advanced metropolis, designed to be a centre of excellence and practicality. A series of islands housing stunning structures, interlinked by modern highways giving the impression of a vast expanse of tamed blue waters. This has happened! The development is to be prestigious, adding luxury with compatibility, it is to be easily accessible and incorporate sustainability and above all create opportunity and something that future generations; one and all will utilize and benefit from.

Bahrain Bay, when complete was always seen as a ‘desired destination’, a living complex which remains alive, surprising and stimulating, rather than just another compound of office and residential blocks feeding business. Bahrain Bay is forecast to be ‘artistic’ and encouraging and indeed fashionable. Thoughtful, intelligent planning was to incorporate an actual lifestyle which the community could nurture.

For this to come to fruition, multi-purpose, multi-facility features were built in with ample flexibility for future advancements as required. The vision also included a development that stood imposingly distinct yet blended perfectly with distance from the surrounding city.

The vision was a vision in itself which makes Bahrain Bay something you cannot miss physically and it is hoped for the future that it will become a desire within us all, to experience what has been envisaged.

Our Ethics

Everyone involved in the development of Bahrain Bay is very aware of the responsibilities involved in such a complex project. Therefore there is a strict ethical code which is always followed.
This covers four main areas – Community, Sustainability, Energy efficiency and the Environment.

All plans for Bahrain Bay Centre on the philosophy of it being a “Smart City”. We are conscious of the need to both preserve precious resources and to use carefully sourced materials for the construction. Therefore, all third party developers have to comply with extremely strict criteria.

There is also the realization that to truly contribute to the economy of Bahrain, the completed development will need to be an inclusive, integrated environment offering opportunities for all. We regard this as an obligation and a responsibility which is essential if Bahrain Bay is to become a true legacy to the kingdom of Bahrain


From purely a visual perspective, it can been seen that Bahrain Bay has been designed for sustainability; but sustainability comes in many forms. The 21st century’s colossal need for IT infrastructure is but one and this includes the immense need for multi-communication platforms. As technology brings new social and business needs, things can get quite messy as more and more is added around us. For years to come, if not happily for the lifetime of the development, Bahrain Bay is well advanced with all necessary conduits and transmission paths capable of anything envisaged for the next few generations at least – and it is all invisible to the onlooker, as it pipes its way in underground channels to each and every tenant.

An immediate sense of space surrounds well positioned infrastructure which dominates one’s perception as viewed looking into the development. This will never change, yet Bahrain Bay will bustle and expand to its full capacity. Local authorities have fulfilled all necessary access well ahead of time and with what might be described as discerning redundancy. Of course, as years progress, changes will no doubt be made, not only with already planned completion, but other desired necessities as they appear. From this, it is clear that Bahrain Bay has almost all eventualities well covered without a hint of clutter.

Bahrain being a very power hungry nation with its scorching summers, uses billions of megawatts keeping the nation cool. The noise print from the surrounding city’s air conditioners alone is daunting enough, yet Bahrain Bay is as peaceful as a summer garden. Today, as more and more residents move in, each will experience instant comfort throughout the year as ‘District Cooling’ pumps chilled water to every structure or structures to be, within the bay. Again, it is invisible to the onlooker as it all lies deep in the foundations. Like the demand for electricity, District Cooling is generated and powered by Bahrain Bay’s own well positioned sub stations which have ample capacity for the foreseeable future.

With the buzz words being ‘environmentally friendly’ and ‘sustainability’ Bahrain Bay’s concept was developed at a time when serious considerations had to be made. Bahrain Bay’s environment depends on sustainability and the oxygen producing ample greenery is nourished by clean recycled water. Every conscious effort is made to recycle and this notion is instilled within the network.

Industry and jobs also beg for sustainability and Bahrain Bay’s contribution to both is top priority, adding great value to the community, not only supplying a futuristic first class venue for business today but creating on-going opportunity.

Quick Facts

Date Started Vision and planning process commenced in 2005
Masterplan finalised June 2006
Physical start on site July 2006
Investors Arcapita
Bahraini consortium of investors
Type of development Master planned waterfront development designed around vibrant neighborhoods of residential, commercial, and retail spaces, all based upon the unique concept of an island connected by two bridges forming an inner harbour
Anchor Developments Arcapita Headquarters
Four Seasons Hotel
Main Consultants / Contractors for Master Developer Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM)
Atkins International.
Boskalis Westminster
Total number of buildings 40 Approx
Total gross floor area 1.450 million sq m
Total land area 450,000sq m
Bahrain Bay Contact 00973 17505555